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Coinz Security

Coinz is one of the most secure e-Commerce platforms available on the Internet. The numerous security features include:

Secure Login Over SSL

We use Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) using 128-bit encryption keys, to ensure that when you type in your e-mail address and password, no-one on the Internet can see what you are entering, and steal your credentials. All interaction you have with Coinz is performed over SSL to ensure that even when you are looking at transactions, you can be assured that your session is encrypted and protected.

CAPTCHA Anti-Bot Protection

An industry standard method called CAPTCHA means you, as a customer, have to enter a small passphrase which is represented as a slightly obscured graphical set of characters. Because computers can’t read this slightly obscured graphical set of characters, we can ensure that is it considerably harder to create web-bots (typically used by criminals and fraudsters) that can “hack” your account.

Velocity Based Checks

Criminals and fraudsters use something called “brute force” to send thousands of attempts of passwords to an e-mail login, in an attempt to guess the correct password. This activity is prevented by Coinz because it monitors login attempts, and if too many are detected in too little time, the Coinz account is temporarily barred, deterring the criminal or fraudster.

Strong Password Enforcement

To help our customers help us keep details secure, we enforce that our customers must have passwords that aren’t easily guessable. We understand there is a balance to be kept between easy-to-remember passwords and secure ones, but we apply some light enforcement to ensure that our customer’s credentials are kept safe.

Client-Side Certificates

Merchants, privileged users, operators and administrators, and even systems that wish to talk to Coinz, must all use client-side certificates. This is a very secure way of authenticating and proving you are who you say you are. This is more secure than usernames and passwords. These client-side certificates are issued and managed by Coinz, and it makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access core systems.

Security of Data

Coinz Account credential information, billing details, and personal information for all Coinz customers are kept on infrastructure that is heavily protected by the latest software protection systems available, such as firewalls. They are also protected physically, on a “need-to-access” basis. To further the security of data, we do not directly connect our database systems to the Internet.

Login Management

Login is always contained within the Coinz Hosted Pages. This is done to prevent phishing and establishes a single point version control and support environment.

1-Click Payment Control

In order for a merchant to bill a Coinz Account Holder when they are not present (e.g. subscription services, or pay-as-you-go services) they must obtain the users permission first. Coinz then issues the merchant a special authorisation key to perform rebilling against. The Coinz Account Holder has total control over that key. If they choose to revoke that key, the merchant will not be able to automatically rebill the Coinz Account Holder any further.

1-Click Payment Revocation

When a merchant is granted permission by a Coinz user to bill them for a period of time without repeated permission requests, the user also has the ability to revoke this automatic permission by logging into their Coinz Account and changing their 1-Click Payment authorities.

Chargeback Process

A Coinz Account Holder has instant access to their account transactions at any time. If they identify any transaction that they are certain wasn’t performed by them, they can challenge that transaction. Similar to the chargeback method for credit cards, will investigate the issue, and if the issue is upheld, will return the disputed Coinz to the users account.

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