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Developers architecture diagram Infrastructure

The Infrastructure provides both API access functions (e.g. customer not present rebilling, authentication of Fast-Track Passports) and hosted pages to provide payment steps for charging-up Coinz Accounts.

The account charge-up process is facilitated via the integration into various e-Commerce acquirers (Barclays Business) and links into mobile network providers such as Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3 and Virgin). Other recharge providers are being considered.

The Coinz API has flexibility to allow any worldwide e-Commerce solution to be easily integrated into the infrastructure.

The infrastructure also provides a statistical engine that the Coinz system posts into. This statistical engine is capable of tracking all parties that “belong” to a transaction, ranging from the marketing affiliates to the e-Commerce providers, from Coinz to the merchant receiving the majority of the revenue. These calculations form the backbone of revenue reporting.

Coinz Infrastructure

This is the main Coinz infrastructure that provides support and core services to Coinz Merchants.

Banking System

This is the main Coinz infrastructure that provides support and core services to Coinz Merchants. The various components of the system are described below:


Travelex provides two major support roles to Coinz:

  • Providing currency exchange services. These services are required to provide customers with the rate of exchange between their currency and Coinz, as well as provide the rate of exchange during outpayment between USD (the currency Coinz is pegged to) and their native currency;
  • Providing outpayment services. Travelex will be handed a "payment file" at the end of a billing period (typically every 24 hours) to pay content providers as well as merchants any monies owed to them from their Coinz Accounts.

Outpayment System

This module deals with all the mathematical rules, algorithms and commercial splits that calculate the outpayments to both merchants and content providers. It provides:

  • Support functionality to allow registration of content codes (e.g. a movie ID, or a newspaper article ID) that indicate how much that content costs, who the content provider is (if there is one), what share the content provider will take, and whether Loyalty Coinz can be used to purchase the content;
  • Calculations that work out how much is to be paid to a content provider or merchant, taking into account factors like their currency rates and other commercial factors;
  • Audit trails and "payment files" for Travelex.

Currency Conversion

This module provides support functionality based on currency exchange rates provided by Travelex. It maintains audit trails and current information on the three primary exchange rates:

  • The "buy rate" of currency to Coinz. This is the rate at which Coinz will buy back from merchants to a currency;
  • The "sell rate" of currency for Coinz. This is the rate at which Coinz sells currency to merchants;
  • The "customer rate" of currency for Coinz. This is the additional rate at which Coinz buys and sells currency to customers.

SVA Transaction Engine

This is the core engine that performs all SVA operations for Coinz. Apart from reporting activities, they primarily provide:

  • Operations to transfer from the "real world" to an account (e.g. an account charge-up, or a merchant buying Coinz);
  • Operations to transfer to the "real world" from an account (e.g. merchant or content provider outpayment);
  • Operations to transfer between accounts (e.g. a customer paying for content, or a merchant paying a revenue share to a content provider).

API Interface

The API interface that powers Coinz is both SOAP based (for integration into non-Microsoft .NET systems, such as Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and so on) and WCF based (for integration into Microsoft .NET systems). The API interface is secured via client-side certificates, issued by Coinz. It is also used by Coinz Hosted Pages.

Hosted Pages

These are processes which guide customers through standard actions in Coinz:

  • Getting authorisation from a customer to allow a merchant to bill them Coinz;
  • Providing customers with "My Account", which shows them statement items, allows manipulation of their account (e.g. changing passwords) and charging-up their account via;
  • Providing login facilities for Coinz central management;
  • Providing merchant statements of account.

Merchant Applications (Public)

These are applications that belong to merchants that want to integrate at some level to Coinz. They can also integrate into e-Commerce Hosted Pages if they simply wish to provide an e-Commerce payment option via Coinz (alongside other payment options, such as credit card, premium rate SMS and so on).

Most merchant integrations will integrate with Coinz Hosted Pages to provide Coinz micro-payment throughout a site.

Merchant Administration System (Public)

This is the internal administration system that is role and privilege based to provide relevant administration functions to merchants and Administrative Staff.

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