Micro-Currency Solutions



Micro-Currency Solution

Specifically designed to take care of the little things, Coinz provides your business with a mechanism to accept micro-payments for online products and services.

Coinz provides a secure, convenient system allowing customers a seamless universal payment system, offering a variety of top-up methods.

Make Royalty Payments

The Coinz system allows merchants to make royalty payments to third party providers and issues respective revenue shares automatically at the time of purchase.

Advertising Response Incentives

By adopting the Coinz micro-currency, merchants can reward users who respond to advertising and impart customer information.

Reward Your Loyal Users

As a merchant you can issue Loyalty Coinz to your users to reward and entice new business. Issue Loyalty Coinz to your customers to aid consumer migration from free to paid models. Loyalty Coinz can only be redeemed within your site or as part of an affilliate network.

Merchant Administration

Merchants have access to all of their Coinz activity statements and can view reports, make changes or redeem Coinz, whether in front of a PC or on the road via mobile.

Merchant Account Out-payments

Any Coinz spent on affiliated websites can be redeemed and converted into a monthly revenue outpayment.

Product Information

Coinz product literature is available to download as PDF documents:

Merchant Partner Application

Apply to become a Coinz merchant and accept Coinz on your website.

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